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Welcome to our media gallery. Here you’ll find a load of photos from Kagera taken by Dr Wilson and our volunteers on our regular trips, as well as some photos from fundraising events. At the bottom there are some videos highlighting Tumaini in the press.

Photos of the work we do

  • Before & After Tumaini
Secondary Schoolers

To give our orphans the best chance for the future we aim to put them into secondary education. These photos are from some of our secondary schools.

Before & After Tumaini

The work Tumaini does in Kagera has a positive effect on the lives of everyone we can help. These photos are some before and after images of the families we help.

Photos from our trips

  • Dr Wilson\'s 2009 Trip
Adam, Val & Steve\'s 2012 Trip

Some of our volunteers visited Kagera in November 2012. Adam Kinniburgh went to asses our information management, Val Cameron went to help with our management policies, and Steve Morris went to asses our areas for solar power.

Dr Wilson\'s 2009 Trip

Dr Wilson visits Kagera often. These pictures are from her trip in 2009.

Photos from our events

  • World Aid Walk 2012
World Aid Walk 2012

Hundreds of people took part in the World Aid Walk in 2012 to raise money for some key charities, including Tumaini. Here are a few snaps from the day.


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“He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow…” ┬áDeut. 10:18