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Housing conditions in Kagera – report from Tumaini Canada

The Tumaini Canada team have put together a report that shows the appalling conditions that exist in Kagera, Tanzania. It also describes some of the success stories as houses are re-built for the benefit of the widows and orphans. Many thanks to Cheryl Mills for taking the time to prepare this article – she writes:

Hi Everyone!

A recent donation for a Tumaini house by a generous BC couple, prompted a request to identify a needy family. The result was information on many families in awful housing … with photos and family situations from the Tumaini team in Kagera. Also some good news from Ainess about new houses built in 2015. I have linked all these stories together in the attached document, leaving the descriptions in the words of our Tumaini workers. How these families exist in such awful conditions is very sobering.


You can view the report here.

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