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New houses for families – from 4 March dinner donations

Back in March 2016, at the very successful dinner/auction held in Guernsey, the total raised of £55,000 included table donations amounting to £15,000 for new houses for deserving families. Inspired by Dr Wilson’s talk, 19 of the 23 dinner tables had clubbed together and raised £400 each table to fund one new mud-brick house for a widow and her family. A corporate donor present on the evening agreed to match the money so raised to improve the quality of the build (an upgrade from mud-brick to fired-brick).

Those funds were sent to Kagera and over the last few months, families in need of better housing have been chosen by the Tumaini team there and photos of the first re-builds have just been received. 7 houses have been completed so far and here are the photos – before and after. All the donors on those tables are to be written to with these photos to thank them.

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