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There are plenty of ways you can get involved and they don't all involve going on a trip to Africa! Here are some ideas for how your skills or unused items can be used to help the widows and orphans in Tanzania.

Sponsor an orphan

£1 per week will educate, clothe and feed a child.

To find out how to sponsor an orphan or a whole family click below.

mission trip

Would you like to join us on a trip to Kagera to support the field work of the Tumaini offices in Tanzania? Get in touch for more details.

host an event

If you want to host an event to raise funds for Tumaini from a quiz to an afternoon tea, bake off, charity auction or full blown ball, do let us know!

We can help you promote it via our website, Twitter or Facebook.

You can also set up a donation page on Virgin Money to collect funds from those attending your event.

Sewing hygiene kits

We regularly hold sewing workshops in Guernsey to make washable hygiene kits for Tumaini orphans. These kits are often the first sanitary products they have and allow girls to attend school during their periods. 

Everyone is welcome at the workshops even if sewing isn't your thing as there is always cutting out, folding and packing to be done too.


Warm jumpers, blankets and hats get distributed to Tumaini orphans. Kagera is 6,000 feet above sea level so the nights are cold and the orphans are often dressed in rags. To stay warm some children sit too close to open fires which can result in painful or life threatening burns.

If you'd like to knit for us at home or as part of a group please let us know.

Sponsored challenge

If you or a group would like to embark on a sponsored challenge such as a walk, marathon, triathlon, climb, swim, head/beard/leg shave, sponsored silence or anything else!

You can also set up a donation page on Virgin Money to collect sponsorship.


Car boot sales, book sales, handicraft sales and of course bake sales are a great way for you or a group of friend or work colleagues to support the Tumaini Fund.

Please let us know your plans and we'll spread the word.


We can always find a use for:

  • White school shirts

  • Black school shoes

  • Working laptops with chargers

  • English dictionaries/atlases 

  • Footballs

  • Wheelchairs

  • Scissors and sewing supplies

  • Cotton or nylon thread

  • Wool

  • Buttons

  • Cotton fabric

  • Manual/hand sewing machines

  • Carpentry tools in good condition


We send an aid container to Kagera, Tanzania once a year that needs to be packed full of IT, medical and educational supplies.

This is a big job and any help with packing boxes and loading them into the container is much appreciated.

It's fun and there will be tea and cake!

If you would like to help do get in touch and we will let you know when the next packing day is.

attend an event

If you would like to attend any Tumaini events you can see the details of what's coming up on our events calendar. 


To make a donation to a Tumaini event, set up a standing order or make a one off gift please see our donation page for details of the different ways you can do this.

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