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A child dies of Malaria every 45 seconds

Pray for education

Pray for education

Many children unable to access education due to not being able to afford books and uniform.

Pray for clean water

Pray for clean water

Too often children have to drink dirty water that makes them ill


The entire work of Tumaini is dependent on prayer – without the saving power of the Lord Jesus and the power of the dear Holy Spirit, we could do nothing worthwhile… but Jesus’ love is so great that He provides and He equips… He loves these children so much. This is a spiritual matter… no amount of money thrown at it will change it… we must pray. The blood of Calvary is much stronger than this stronghold…please ask the Lord to break it’s hold on these young lives… for “mercy to flow like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream.”

Please spend some time praying over the project and for the children themselves.. suggestions are:


Many children are unable to access primary education due to lack of school uniform, books and pencils. They are condemned to a life subsistence farming; illiterate and enumerate.

Please pray that the Lord will enable us to find the support needed to get these children into education.


Malaria is entirely preventable and curable but it is one of the largest killers of children in sub-Saharan Africa. A child dies from Malaria every 45 seconds. Mosquito nets cost £4.

Please ask the Lord to enable us to protect all of the orphans in Kagera from mosquitoes.


12 children out of every 100 in the Kagera region die before they reach their 1st birthday.

Please pray that we can provide more clean water sources to prevent the deaths of children due to diarrhoeal illnesses.

Food security

2016 and 2017 where another 2 years of drought in the Kagera region. During such times children die of starvation because they don't even get their one meal a day, which is their normal diet. There is plenty of water underground that could be accessed through wells and boreholes which would enable the farms to produce adequate food crops.

Please pray for the Lord to enable us to continue with irrigation projects and for our agricultural workers to help our farming families learn new agricultural methods to improve food security. 


AIDS sufferers require monthly test and treatment yet many live 20 miles form the nearest clinic and have to make that journey on foot, even during the rainy season to receive this help; which is impossible for small children and adults with poor general health. Please pray that the Lord will enable us to encourage the setting up of more local dispensaries to deliver AIDS treatment in more remote communities.


Tumaini is caring for some 25,000 orphans out of a possible 100,000 orphan population in Kagera. Many of the children we have not yet reached are living in unbelievably hard situations with little shelter, no regular food, inadequate clothes, no adult love nor concern for them. Please ask the Lord that tonight He gives them food “that we know not of ” and that each one, whatever their circumstances, feels the comfort of the presence of the Holy Spirit tonight as they lay their heads down to sleep. Please pray for the Lord to bless the work of Tumaini, so that we can reach more children as quickly as possible and ask Him to protect each child.

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